Presbyterian Women

PC(USA) Women LogoThe women of First Presbyterian Church have their own specially designated group for fellowship.  The Presbyterian Women group, or “PW” as it is often referred,  meets each month for fellowship and Bible Study in the church parlor.  Each fall, a study book chosen by Presbyterian Church USA is distributed to any woman of the church interested in participating and the group works through its contents from September to May. Each month, a different member of the group leads the teaching and discussion of the lesson.

This year’s study focuses on “Reconciling Paul.” This topic has proven to be a fascinating one and the resulting discussions seem to have a way of opening hearts and minds to different possibilities than what many thought of as Paul’s legacy. The lively analysis and conversation is sure to give participants food for thought even after discussions have ended.

Although much of the group’s focus centers around this specific area of Biblical study, PW is also responsible for many other areas of care and grace within the church.  For example, PW makes monthly donations to charities, both local and non-local.  PW hosts opportunities for fellowship for all women of the church, gives generously to those in need in the congregation, and is responsible for comfort and care of grieving families when funerals are held at the church.

Their “behind the scenes” work is what really enhances the worship experience, since PW also happens to be the group that decides and arranges for flowers to be placed in the sanctuary each week and it is often the ladies from this group who volunteer to bring cookies for fellowship after each Sunday’s service. PW gives new Bibles to newborns in the congregation and maintains the church kitchens and nursery.

PW’s members fulfill so many key roles that add to the success of First Presbyterian Church of Vernon!