Sunday School Curriculum

Elementary Children’s Ministry

FPC of Vernon has a rotation of volunteers who take turns teaching the elementary children their Sunday School curriculum each week.  This has proven to be an extremely effective way for each student to be brought the Sunday School lesson in more than one method of teaching.  For example, a Bible story may be taught one week through an art lesson and then taught the following week with a kitchen activity that reteaches the story in a new and exciting way! The lesson may be taught in as many of five to six different ways, which makes it easier for all children to learn and commit to memory.  Each week, the designated teacher brings his or her own talents and preferences to the lesson and enhances our guided curriculums to develop activities that are both fun and educational.


Middle School and High School Youth Ministry

The middle school and high school students meet each week with Mark Farr- Nash.  Mark brings exciting conversation and new and creative ways of looking at faith by using such tools as literature or popular culture as both a conversation piece and a lesson in humanity.  Be sure to encourage your student to come!  It’s definitely a wonderful way for your teen to enhance his or her worship experience in a relatable manner.