A Thought from Pastor George

We are not necessarily good or bad because of a single action. Do not allow a single act to define you, whether noble or otherwise. We are not good at looking at the big picture. Every one of us is a bundle of strengths and weaknesses. The Bible declares the equality of all of us in this matter. Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians that there is no temptation that has touched your life other than the ones that are common to all people. James reminds us in his epistle that even the great Elijah was a mere mortal, subject to the same weaknesses as you and I. I believe what God is looking for in His children is a pattern. Let’s shoot for a “pattern” rather than “perfection.” I have been a follower of Christ since August 24th, 1974. If I have learned anything at all these past 47 years it is this: “If I have a will to walk, God is pleased with me even if I stumble.” So, child, why don’t you cut yourself some slack today? One day in your life is but a single frame of an epic motion picture produced and directed by your heavenly Father. You are defined by the big picture, not the snap shot!
Pastor George