A Thought from Pastor George

We live in the information age. We can “surf the Web.” Not long ago, surf was something youths rode to shore, and webs were things that spiders worked hard to create. But now one surfs the Web from the comfort of home to seek information. We “access” it, “download” it, and store it in computers that allow us to gather vast amounts of information about the world in which we live. But gathering information is not the same as being wise. Information informs us, but wisdom tells us what to do with the information. Collected information tells you what is possible, while wisdom tells you what is necessary. Not all knowledgeable people are wise – sometimes they do bad things with good information. Not all wise people are the most knowledgeable – some people don’t know much, but they do wonderful things with very little. Wisdom cannot operate without information; but information does not guarantee wisdom. Mankind is in danger of becoming a giant in information and a pygmy in wisdom: as we concentrate on assimilating facts, we run the risk of neglecting matters of faith. We are at risk of dressing ourselves in information with nothing to clothe our lives. That is why we need to learn the proverbs: they “will make the simpleminded clever. They will give knowledge and purpose to young people” (1: 4). “Wisdom will crown us with grace and clothe our lives with honor” (1: 9). That’s much better than bare information!
Pastor George.